Paywall is live! Access PRO holding $WATCH
5 min readMar 13, 2021

Today we are excited to launch & enable our Paywall! Users with enough $WATCH tokens in their wallet, in liquidity, or in vaults can now exclusively access our array of PRO features. After giving all users the possibility to try out all of our PRO features for a short time, it is now available for $WATCH token holders only! With this launch, the $WATCH token now has utility within the Dashboard and is needed as Proof of Membership! More than 60K daily active users are now potential PRO users and will need to acquire the token to access PRO. Our userbase is increasing nicely over time totaling 1.1million unique visitors & more than 3 million page views within the last 30 days.

Conditions to access PRO

You need $1 in WATCH for each $200 that you’d like to monitor/track.

For example, you own LP’s in farms worth 10K USD but only $20 worth of $WATCH tokens, this lets you monitor only $4000=200*20$ at current prices. Therefore you don’t have pro access.
If that’s the case then the dashboard will tell you to get more $WATCH tokens.

The image below shows the info when you’ve sufficient tokens to access PRO. You’ll see relevant information where your $watch tokens are located and how much you are able to monitor with this amount.

Users who do not own or do not have enough $watch are still able to access the website as before for free, but with limited functionality, much fewer features, and limited user experience.

The following assets are counted for PRO access:

  • $WATCH Tokens in your Wallet
  • LP Tokens in Wallet
  • LP Tokens in PancakeSwap Farming Pool
  • LP Tokens staked in beefy finance, ApeSwap, Mdex, Acryptos, Hyperjump, Autofarm

If the maximum Dollar value that can be monitored is higher or equal as the actual Dollar value of deposited assets (in farms, pools & vaults from all integrated platforms) then the user has PRO access to this wallet

If the maximum Dollar value that can be monitored is lower than the actual Dollar value of deposited assets (in farms, pools & vaults from all integrated platforms) then the user has limited FREE access to this wallet

How does it work?

The user has a reference account (wallet) that holds the WATCH balance. The ownership of this address is verified by signing a message via your wallet, supported & tested are currently Trustwallet & Metamask (Desktop & mobile).

Once connected, users can monitor any other wallet or the same wallet using the search field.

Why does it matter?

If you are part of Yieldwatch then you are essentially advocating towards a decentralized way of logging into dApps.

By signing the message with your wallet, you can verify the ownership of the public address. By using your wallet which holds the private key securely, the message you sign is encrypted and a so-called signature is created. The server, later on, can decrypt the signature together with the signed message and gets as result the public address of your wallet. In this way, only the real owner of the wallet can use the funds from this wallet.

The signing of messages might be new to many users, therefore it is important to understand that no transaction on the blockchain is created when you sign a message. That means as well, that there are no transaction costs created by signing a message.

After verification of the wallet, we can ensure, that only the owner of the WATCH tokens is able to benefit from them.

How-To use PRO:

  • Log-in to Metamask or Trustwallet
  • Switch to the wallet in which you are holding $WATCH tokens
  • Click on “Login PRO”
  • Now you can a pop including the message:
    “Yieldwatch login @ Date + current time”
    Click on “Sign”
Signing message via Trust-Wallet App on Android
Signing message on metamask (Desktop) and Trustwallet App (Android)
  • After verification, your wallet will be shown as connected
After successful verification, you are logged in with your reference wallet
  • Now enter the address that you’d like to monitor/track
  • You can logout/disconnect by pressing the Disconnect button. You can still search & monitor wallets, but with Free access only

You’re a PRO

What does PRO actually mean? We want to offer more details, better UX, additional features, and advanced stats for a much better yieldfarming & tracking experience! Our PRO version therefore will give you:

LP token price + Average Deposit Price + Price Change

Trading Fee Earnings + LP Earnings + pending rewards

  • Wallet Overview incl. token prices and holdings in your wallet
  • Real-Time price refresh, Historical data & Individual TX overview
  • Different base currencies (EUR/JPY/RMB/GBP/BTC/BNB/AUD) (more to come)
  • Wallet Connect function & Beach Mode/Dark Mode Toggle

What’s coming for PRO?

  • Faster availability of new projects on our platform compared to free users
  • Combined address overview & Inactive Farms
  • Usage of graphs, “Brag button” to share portfolio with friends
  • See your average APY in deposits and compounded yield within the platforms that support APY


-- is a smart DeFi dashboard that lets you track your yield farming, lending and liquidity pool performance on Binance Smart Chain