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Dear WATCH family! Today we are proud to announce our official partnership with, welcome to the beach 🏖🚀

At the time of writing, is the Top Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on CoinGecko by Daily Trading Volume.

Currently, the TVL on (BSC) exceeds 2.2b USD with a daily trading volume of more than 2.6b USD.

We are excited to work together with one of the biggest DEX worldwide.

Scope of our collaboration

Our partnership with includes the full implementation of all LP farms as well as the boardroom and trading rewards into the yieldwatch dashboard. We will also be adding additional farms that go live on MDEX in the future. You can start monitoring your MDEX positions (BSC) right now on With PRO access on YW, you’re having a significant edge in tracking your agriculture undertaking! 🧑‍🌾 What are you waiting for?!

We will use our co-operation to further strengthen the BSC ecosystem and its adaption in the future.

New $WATCH liquidity pool! EARN MDX with WATCH/BUSD LP

$WATCH token holders will be happy to hear, that is launching a WATCH/BUSD farm in the coming days. Please stay tuned for an announcement!

WATCH/BUSD LP will count towards your PRO access

We would like to say thanks to the MDEX team & everyone involved for their professional handling & fruitful discussions and look forward to our cooperation with in the future!

About MDEX

MDEX is a decentralized transaction protocol based on an automated market-making mechanism. It aims to integrate the distinct advantages of a variety of basic public chains to create a high-performance compound DEX ecosystem. Using the “dual mining incentives through liquid mining and transaction mining”, it maximizes the returns for participants. The transaction fee charged is utilized to repurchase and burn the platform token, which contributes to materializing a self-driving closed loop for value capture.

MDEX is committed to building a DeFi platform that integrates DEX, IMO, and DAO. In doing so, it seeks to provide one-stop liquidity services for more high-quality assets, and at the same time offers users a more secure, reliable, diverse, and cost-effective transaction experience.




About yieldwatch is a smart DeFi dashboard that lets you monitor your liquidity pools, yield farming, and token staking performance with a casual and sleek UI, that is optimized for mobile use.

With you get all the relevant information at one glance. No more browsing different websites and using complicated IL-loss calculators. We are the first on Binance Smart Chain that show you the deposit, pending yield, fees generated and gives you an overview of the potential impermanent loss that you are facing.




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