It’s been a while since we gave you an overview of our development progress, the milestones we have reached, and our plans for the short-term future.

Since our launch in January, has grown to be the go-to dashboard for yield farmers on Binance Smart Chain. We have integrated new platforms, introduced new features, and built out a community of as many as 70,000 daily unique users with the number of $WATCH token holders exceeding 24k wallets.

As the $WATCH token is a ground-up utility token to access the full potential of our dashboard, we will make sure to focus on building out by adding more features & benefits for our PRO users in the future!

With this update, we would like to give newcomers…

We are very pleased to announce our latest partnership with Wault Finance, a well-known project in the BSC ecosystem!

The yieldwatch team completed integrating with all their pools & farms! 🧑‍🌾 Wault is joining the yieldwatch family with more than 500m TVL as a respected player, trusted within numerous BSC & ETH communities. Enjoy tracking your positions!

Partnership scope

Our partnership includes the complete implementation of all Farms/Pools, Locked Staking as well as Vaults! Users can now enjoy tracking their Wault positions on yieldwatch!

Part of our new collaboration is a WATCH — BNB farm on Wault.Finance. Watch out for the Wault Finance announcement regarding the exact starting time of the farm! 🔥

It will be having has a fantastic…

Today we are proud and excited to announce our official partnership with ApeSwap! Welcome to the yieldwatch family, apes!

ApeSwap, currently the second biggest AMM on Binance Smart Chain, has seen explosive growth during the last weeks and currently sits around $500m TVL. Liquidity on the DEX is constantly growing exceeding $350m with a whopping 130m in daily trading volume. These numbers & the fact seeing a very dedicated team with lots of ambitions played a big role for us to integrate ApeSwap.

DappRadar has ApeSwap ranked in the Top 3 DApps on BSC.

Yieldwatch has integrated Band Protocol oracles.

Yieldwatch is officially partnering with Band Protocol to integrate decentralized price feeds for all our fiat currencies as a first collaboration step!

With well over 80,000 daily average users (DAU), yieldwatch is the go-to Dashboard for yield farmers & lenders on Binance Smart Chain offering a wide array of PRO features for example detailed Liquidity Pool & Impermanent loss stats for serious farmers that benefit from having an edge on the market as well as the option to choose between 16 different fiat currencies!

Since the beginning, we made it our mission to collaborate with as many decentralized protocols as…

Dear WATCH family! Today we are proud to announce our official partnership with, welcome to the beach 🏖🚀

At the time of writing, is the Top Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on CoinGecko by Daily Trading Volume.

Currently, the TVL on (BSC) exceeds 2.2b USD with a daily trading volume of more than 2.6b USD.

We are excited to work together with one of the biggest DEX worldwide.

Scope of our collaboration

Our partnership with includes the full implementation of all LP farms as well as the boardroom and trading rewards into the yieldwatch dashboard. We will also be adding additional farms…

Dear yieldwatch community, it’s time to put on your space suits…there are no bikinis in space! 🏖️👨🏼‍🚀

Our friends at HyperJump have been integrated into yieldwatch since the earliest days when some of them used to hang out on the streets and in traphouses. Long-time BSC users probably know what that means ;)

As good things take time and patience, we are finally happy to announce our official partnership that will benefit both projects in the long run.

Why HyperJump?

HyperJump is one of the OG DeFi projects on Binance Smart Chain. Many BSC projects, new and old are beginning to offer…

With today's latest update, we are proud to introduce the implementation of Alpha Homora V1 BSC and welcome Alpha Finance Lab into the yieldwatch family.

Alpha Homora V1 is a product of Alpha Finance Lab. Alpha Homora is the first leveraged yield farming product in DeFi first deployed on Ethereum. Now, Alpha Homora V1 is also available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

A rare Yeti has been spotted at the Beach 🏖️

We are proud and extremely excited to announce our newest addition to the yieldwatch family through our partnership with, a fair launch yield farming, and staking platform on Binance Smart Chain.

Within just one week, Blizzard.Money managed to attract more than $80M TVL and already wrote history with their signature WTF% APY for the BLZD LP vaults on

Our partnership includes the complete implementation of the following Farm/Cave/Blizzard opportunities which are available NOW.



Today we are excited to launch & enable our Paywall! Users with enough $WATCH tokens in their wallet, in liquidity, or in vaults can now exclusively access our array of PRO features. After giving all users the possibility to try out all of our PRO features for a short time, it is now available for $WATCH token holders only! With this launch, the $WATCH token now has utility within the Dashboard and is needed as Proof of Membership! More than 60K daily active users are now potential PRO users and will need to acquire the token to access PRO. Our…

Who doesn’t like bunnies? 🐰 We’re happy to announce our integration partnership with!

PancakeBunny is a rapidly growing DeFi yield aggregator with currently ~230m TVL that is used for PancakeSwap.

We are proud to have them on board! Their more than 2000 daily active users can now happily track their farms & pools on Yieldwatch!

Welcome Bunnies! 👀

Adoption matters

Our userbase is growing daily. Currently, more than 60K daily honest farmers & users enjoy tracking their portfolio balances, Impermanent loss, earnings in vaults & LP’s as well as rewards on! We’ve received lots of mostly positive feedback and even had people saying that they moved their agriculture undertaking to a project supported by… is a smart DeFi dashboard that lets you track your yield farming, lending and liquidity pool performance on Binance Smart Chain

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